About Me

My name is Omose Ogala, and I am proud Nigerian-American🇳🇬. I was born and raised in White Plains, NY until I attended the University of Rhode Island to study computer engineering. Growing up I always had a thing for technology and what is has to offer. It truly amazes that with only a computer and programming knowledge, one can make software that plays such a critical role in the world we live in today. Not to mention that technology is our future, and there are so many usual things people can create if they put their minds to it.

This was the moment my dream of becoming an engineer became a reality!

What have I done?
I love to get my hands dirty, so I work across many different platforms and technologies. Majority of my projects are in private repositories (sorry guys), but I do post some new software publicly here and there. Although I’ve worked in Java, Python, Javascript, C#, C, VHDL, Assembly,….and the list goes on, my strongest languages are Swift and Objective-C. Check out some of my apps.

What do I do now?
I am currently working as a Software Engineer in QA at Twitter🐦 in San Francisco, CA. I write automation test for different Twitter revenue products on iOS and Android. #lovewhereyouwork

Why this blog?
This blog is here to highlight new things that I am learning, in addition to some personal projects that I will work on for fun. I am constantly developing, so it’s time to share a few tips with the community of developers.

If you would like to get in touch with me, the fastest way to do so is via Twitter